Work grants

Working conference

As an entirely new concept ECSJ2017 will set up its own journalistic outlet. It will bring stories about the conference, about science and about new ideas in science journalism and communication.

And YOU can write the stories. Through generous funding we have been able to allocate resources to a large portion of work grants and can award journalistic products with 500 Euro a piece.

Two weeks in advance of the conference and during the conference you can pitch stories to our editorial team who will select the stories for publication. The stories are to be delivered in English, and the team will offer editorial support to journalists who are not native speakers. 

Contact to the editorial team will be provided on the ECSJ2017 website when commission opens.

In order to obtain a work grant, the journalist must accept the following terms:

- The stories will be published on the conference website and promoted on social media during the conference.

- During the conference and the following months, the media partners of ECSJ2017 will have the right to publish the stories.

- Copyright remains with the journalist, who is free to sell it to other media during and after the conference.