Multimedia – is it saving or dooming journalism?

In this exclusive ECSJ2017 podcast, Kata Karáth, Hungarian science journalist, discusses the new multimedia landscape and the pressure on journalists to do everything.

Can the multimedia journalist do it all? Photo Credit: Alice Donovan Rouseon on unsplash, Music Credit: Lee Rosevere - Puzzle Pieces
By Kata Karáth

Multimedia – is it saving or dooming journalism? by European Conference for Science Journalists

Journalism is in transition; the number of staff positions is scarce and competition is high. It is no longer enough to be a great writer, journalists now must also know how to do radio and short videos, and how to analyse and visualise data.

This represents a great challenge for both new and seasoned journalists. Will multimedia help quality journalism survive or, given our limits as humans, will this endlessly changing media landscape kill it off?

Tune in for insights from journalists and digital media specialists, each highlighting the challenges faced by today’s journalists and the future of journalism itself. The themes of this podcast were discussed in a series of talks, panel debates and workshops at the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists (ECSJ2017), in Copenhagen, Denmark.