Travel grants

Submission has closed

Thanks to everybody who have submitted an application for a travel grant! 

The applications will now be evaluated. Applicants will receive a notification by email about the outcome of their application by 17 April 2017.

Travel grants

Submission has closed

Funds are available to support eligible participants to attend the ECSJ2017 conference. Thanks to our generous sponsors we offer a number of travel grants of up to 600€ to help cover travel and accommodation costs. The registration fee is included in the grant.

A limited number of registration fee waivers will also be available for some of those who do not achieve a travel grant.

The application deadline is 31 March 2017.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 17 April 2017. Keep in mind that early-bird registration ends 15 May 2017.

Who can apply?

The travel grants are aimed at science journalists, science communicators and students. Anybody who produces, edits or teaches stories/information about science for the public may apply for a travel grant.

European grants
Our aim is to encourage as broad a representation as possible from all regions of Europe. Special consideration will be given to applications from freelancers and self-employed who have no organisation to support expenses.

Non-European grant 
We wish to share experiences with the rest of the world, so applicants from any country can apply. 

A percentage of grants are reserved for students from any part of the world. Students who receive support are expected to participate in a special workshop before the official opening of the conference.

Application process

Applications must be made using the available travel grant application form and submitted before the deadline on the 31 of March 2017.

Award decisions are made by a panel and informed by a points system based on a defined set of criteria.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Early application is advised.

Applicants will receive notification of the outcome of their application by the 17th of April 2017.

Administration of awards

Claims can be processed during the ECSJ2017 at the Copenhagen venue on registration.

Claims made after the conference should be submitted no later than one months after the event. Funds will be paid by bank transfer within two months of a claim being submitted.

All claims must be provided on the travel grant claim form, and substantiated by original receipts or invoices or other documents as appropriate.

Terms and conditions

By accepting a travel grant, recipients give their approval for the EUSJA/DV to use related information in publicity and marketing communications and other activities during and after the conference.

Recipients are encouraged to acknowledge ECSJ2017 in any publication produced during the conference. A logo will be supplied for this purpose.

All claims must be provided on the travel grant claim form – provided with the acceptance letter – and be substantiated by receipts or invoices or other documents as appropriate.

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