Work grants

Submission for work grants is now open. Be aware that the window for applying is short and ends by May 23.

Working conference

As an entirely new concept ECSJ2017 will set up its own journalistic outlet. It will bring stories about the conference, about science and about new ideas in science journalism and communication.

Pitch a story

A number of work grants are offered to participants at the conference. A work grant means that attendees can be commissioned to produce a story at the conference. For each commission the grantee will be awarded 500€. Please note that you must be registered at the conference to apply for the grants.

Some of the stories can be produced ahead of the conference and will be published during the event. Others will have to be produced onsite. The work grant content is made in cooporation with SciencePOD.


You can pitch articles, podcasts, videos and photo reportages in the following formats:

  • News/science stories (2 x 400-500 or 1000 words)
  • Feature article (1000 words)
  • Podcast/video (3 minutes + 100 words cover text)
  • Q & A interview or profile (550-600 words)
  • Photo reportage – (10 to 15 pictures + 100 word cover text and captions)

SciencePOD will be in charge of the coordination, commissioning, editing, proofreading and publishing of the journalistic articles produced


The following types of pitches will be preferred:

  • Reviews of sessions focusing on a particular angle of the discussion worth exploring in further details
  • Going into depth with topics from the programme
  • Interviews with participants/speakers at the conference, focus on a specific topic
  • Topics from the press briefings focused on a specific topic
  • Reports from press tours focused on a specific angle

Suggested stories need to be submitted in the following format:

  • News hook: What is the event you wish to tie the story to?
  • Topic: Tell us the subject matter you wish to cover
  • Angle: How are you going to cover that topic? What is the story?
  • So what? What does the story mean for our audience? Why should they care about this news?
  • Interviews: provide a list of persons to interview for this piece


Send your pitch to info [at]
Only emails with the text “Work grant pitch” in the subject line will be considered.
Please note that you need to register in order to obtain a work grant.

Deadline May 23

Guidelines when commissioned

Important notice

When commissioning with the ECSJ2017 you give permission to have the product published at the ECSJ2017 website. The ECSJ2017 can share it with the conference media partners and the organisers may use it later for marketing future conferences.

You keep copyright and are free to sell it to any other media after it has been published by the ECSJ2017.