In a way, the whole IT University will be an exhibition area during ECSJ2017. In the Atrium we will have exhibitions stands in addition to two Art-Science exhibits.

In the Scrollbar we have the Triangulation Through Science Communication project. A trilateral effort including the Triangulation Series by artist Yolanda del Riego, texts written by science journalists, and an augmented reality mobile application that ties together selected images with audio recordings of the texts. The Triangulation artworks will speak to you along with stories and voices of journalists from the ECSJ2017 conference, with the Look & Listen pocket guide developed by the experimental documentary magazine The Exposed.

The second art exhibit is called Pareidolia and it takes advantage of the unique architectural features of the ITU building to exhibit the flow of information through the Earth’s atmosphere. Pareidolia is an invitation to see new faces in the clouds of rain and data that saturate our everyday lives. The central work that this exhibition showcases is a provocative new artwork under development by Karolina Sobecka, Cloud Services, which proposes to use the atmosphere as an apparatus for data storage and transmission by encoding data into the genomes of bacteria that affect the weather.

Exhibition stands

The Exhibition area is the very centre of the IT-University venue. Here you will meet everybody and you are visible from all corners of the building. You can order an exhibition stand by mailing to jens [at] degett.org. The price is 5000€ and includes entrance for two people, and catering for the 3 exhibition days: Tuesday, 27 June -Thursday, 29 June.

It’s easy! Each company gets a ready-set stand to participate in this event. The stands consist of:

  • An area of approx. of 2x3 m2
  • A smaller stage for PCs
  • A high table
  • 2 bar stools
  • Power feed for PCs
  • A wireless network to secure your PCs to

Each company can bring:

  • Company sign
  • Brochure holder
  • Pull-up posters and similar
  • Funny gimmicks are very welcome

Additional video and audio accessories are availablefor the stands.

Layout of your stand area:

  • Monday, June 26th - you are welcome to set up the stand
  • On arrival at ITU, there will be some scroll tables in the information that you can transport your equipment from parking space into the atrium.

Allocation of pitch will take place on arrival at ITU

Catering to the exhibitors:

  • The conference provides lunch and afternoon coffee break on Tuesday-Thursday.

ITU Contact person for practical questions: Annette Larsen - email: ala [at] itu.dk

Exhibition schedule on 27-29 June

12:00                     The exhibition opens during the lunch break.

13:00-15:30       Conference held in Auditoriums according to scheduled programme.

15:30-16:00       Coffee break for networking opportunities and visits to the stands.

13:00-15:30       Conference held in Auditoriums according to scheduled programme.

17:30                      Exhibitions and conference program ends.

17:30-19:30        Art-Science presentations (27-28 June) in Scrollbar, followed by drinks and snacks.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the IT University, and hope that a lot of good contacts will be connected among participants.