7 reasons to attend ECSJ2017 in Copenhagen

7 reasons to attend ECSJ2017 in Copenhagen

With such great ways to learn and sharpen your skills just by exploring blogs, video-tutorials and webinars, then why bother with the time and expense of going to Copenhagen? Well, here are seven reasons for you to pack your bags and go, go, go.

1) Get a break from your normal routines
Nothing stimulates creativity more than stepping outside of routines. Going to Copenhagen, meeting up in unfamiliar but cool surroundings, speaking to complete strangers (or old friends) and getting introduced to new ways of working will have you returning with extra energy for your daily work.

2) Network, network, network – get the international feeling
You know your local media, and you have connections to people in your own community. This is your chance to find new acquaintances and team up with colleagues from all over Europe. And you can talk to the editor who you did not dare to send a pitch. Now, when you have met her face to face, it is no longer as difficult.

Coming from different countries also means new inspiration and introduction to new ways of working. Hopefully #ECSJ2017 can broaden your network and provide you with new perspectives, visions and ideas.

3) Meet the experts in person
Sure, you can read a paper about facebook algorithms or how young people pick up science news. But it will always – always – stick better, if you have the survey or product presented by the person(s) behind it. Plus, as a science journalist, don’t you always find it fascinating to actually meet the influencers and specialists in real life?

4) Always look at the bright side of life
Science Journalists and communicators face a range of challenges when adjusting to the digital media world. It means disruption and difficulties for some, but it also offers opportunities. At #ECSJ2017 we have put together a programme that focuses on the positive aspects of this new reality and how to navigate in this fast changing industry.                                                                                                                           

5) Get presented to new tools
The modern journalist needs a whole new set of skills and tools to be able to offer content in various ways – writing, audio and multimedia. The internet can introduce you to new tools and methods, but often the amount of data can become overwhelming. At #ECSJ2017 we have curated the content, and you are offered practical down-to-earth presentations on how to perform better.

6) Bring back a science story
As a journalist, you may feel bad by taking several days off without producing any work. Don’t worry. At #ECSJ2017 we have planned several events that allow you to bring back a science story to your outlet. Join one of the many press briefings from Europe’s finest scientists or join one of the many press tours we have organised.

7) Have fun!
Conferences are fun. Being around people with the same interest always encourages interesting conversations and enjoyable experiences. At #ECSJ2017 we will also include social events - and who knows? You might end up making new friends for life.