This Tuesday at #ECSJ2017: One participant's perspective

This Tuesday at #ECSJ2017: One participant's perspective

What are YOU going to see this Tuesday?

ITU Copenhagen, European Conference for Science Journalists
The IT University of Copenhagen campus, early morning Tuesday the 27th June at the European Conference for Science Journalists 2017.
Yifan Liu and Seraina Nett, ECSJ media/social media team

Every day of the conference, the #ECSJ media/social media team will ask delegates what their choices are for the next day at the European Conference for Science Journalists in Copenhagen. There is a lot to choose from, and many parallel sessions, so the choices are not obvious.

It has also been a tough decision for Minna Korhonen from Finland, who is Communications Officer at the European Forest Institute. We asked her for her take on Tuesday’s programme:

“I haven’t made up my mind yet completely, but I will definitely attend the first two plenary sessions on New Media (9-10:30, Danish Broadcast Concert Hall, ed.), and ‘Making Scientific Facts Great Again: What Europe Can Do About It (11-12: Danish Broadcast Concert Hall, ed.)”.

“In the afternoon, I am going to attend “Content Design for Writers’ (13-14:10, Auditorium 4, ed.) because this is very relevant for my job and then ‘Getting your science video right’ because multimedia is huge at the moment. And of course I never miss the coffee break (15:30-16, ed.)”.

After the coffee break, Minna plans to will attend ‘Bridging the Gap Between Journalism and Policy’ (16-17:30, Auditorium 4, ed.), “because that is something that I am very interested in at the moment,” she says.

She adds that she would have loved to attend the presentation of ‘Triangulation Through Science Communication’ (17:30-19:30, Scrollbar, ed.), “but unfortunately I will have to head back to my hotel to get some more work done.”

Want to get into contact with the media/social media team? @ECSJ2017 or find us in the room 4.A.09 at the IT university building.