This Wednesday at #ECSJ2017: Bernadeta

This Wednesday at #ECSJ2017: Bernadeta

What are YOU going to see this Wednesday?

ECSJ2017 delegate
Bernadeta is a PhD student in the field of Virology
By the #ECSJ2017 media group

Each day, the #ECSJ2017 media/social media team will ask delegates what their choices are for the next day at the European Conference for Science Journalists in Copenhagen. There is a lot to choose from, and many parallel sessions, so the choices are not obvious.

Bernadeta Dadonaite, a PhD student of virology from the University of Oxford, gave us her top picks for Wednesday’s programme. 

She plans to attend both the morning plenary sessions Climate: facts, figures and future (9-10:30: Danish Broadcast Concert Hall, ed.) and How to report on climate change (11-12: Danish Broadcast Concert Hall, ed.).

“That’s why I’m here,” says Bernadeta. “I’m a science Ph.D. student; I’m not a journalist. I study viruses, basically; But afterwards, I want to do some science journalism or science communication.”

Bernadeta is still unsure what she will attend in the afternoon. She plans to read the descriptions of the events in the evening and then make a more educated decision. 

“Just by the titles, I would go for Picturing Pandemics: Reporting Public Health Issues via Documentaries (13-14:10: IT University - Auditorium 1, ed.) because I study viruses and know a lot about pandemics, or the global spread of a disease,” she explains.

She is also leaning towards attending What went wrong in climate change reporting? (14:15-15:30, IT University - Auditorium 1, ed.). “It’s a huge topic, and I never feel quite comfortable talking about climate change,” relays Bernadeta.

From 16-17:30, Bernadeta still hasn’t decided what to attend, and from 17:30-19:30, she will definitely be attending the cloud tasting reception (Scrollbar, ed.)

Want to get into contact with the media/social media team? @ECSJ2017 or find us in the room 4.A.09 at the IT university building.