Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Thursday, June 29 from 13:00-16:00

Explore research at the Niels Bohr Institute

 The dynamic research at the Niels Bohr Institute spans Astronomy, Geophysics & Climate, Nanophysics, Particles Physics, Quantum Physics and Biophysics. From the smallest sub-atomic particles to stars and planets, gamma rays and distant galaxies in the universe.

  • 13:00    Ian Bearden, professor MSO in particle physicists will introduce the visitors during the bus ride.
  • 13:30    Historic tour at the Niels Bohr Institute
  • 14:15    Climate change and ice cores, Dorthe Dahl Jensen, professor at Center for Ice and Climate
  • 15:15    Meet the scientists - the journalist get the chance to mingle with  scientists from the different department (if you have special interest in an area, let us know in advance at info [at]

Max 40 persons.

See the full ECSJ2017 Press tour programme here.