Dino Trescher

Dino Trescher is a science journalist, science and risk communication scholar and founder of Constart.com, an alliance of international journalists, reporting on knowledge-intensive topics at the interface of science, technology and society.

Joining forces with Stefano Valentino he co-founded the collaboration and content co-creation platform Mobilereporter. Currently he contributes to the EU project SATORI Ethics in Research and Innovation. He is editor of nanomagazin.net, a public knowledge and debate magazine on emerging technologies.

Collaborating with peers his teams won research grants from Robert Bosch Foundation, Journalismfund and Science Journalism Initiative: air pollution (2014), nanomagazin.net (2012), EU research funding (2011), risk research (2010). His team won the journalism award Gedankenstrich 2012, in 2010 he came 3rd in the Science Journalism Contest at ESOF.

Dino holds degrees in Science Communication (M.Sc.) and Management in Media and Communications (B.A), teaches scientific writing, moderates techno-scientific debates. @constartnetwork www.constart.com