Federico Kukso

Independent science journalist from Argentina. 2015-16 Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. He writes about science, technology, and culture for popular science magazines such as Scientific American, Muy Interesante Argentina, La Nación (Argentina), Agencia Sinc and El País (Spain), Le Monde Diplomatique, Tech Review (México), Unmark Magazine (MIT).

Previously, he was in charge of the science section of national newspapers like Página/12, Crítica, and Revista Ñ, the cultural magazine of Clarín newspapers. He is a specialist in history of science and Science and Technology Studies (Harvard University). In addition to his writing, he has produced many science TV shows for Discovery Channel, Tecnópolis TV, and NatGeo Latin America.

He is the author of two books: “All You Need to Know about Science” and “The Bathrooms Weren’t Always Like This.”He is also a member of the Argentinian Network of Science Journalism.