Press tours

All registrants can participate in the Press Tours for an additional fee of 20€ (30€ for the full day tours).

Sign up for the press tours when you register.

If you have already registered, but want to sign up for a press tour, just sign in using your password and change your registration, by ticking the box of the tour(s) you want to atend.

All of the Press Tours begin at the IT University’s parking lot. Please be there 15 minutes before the scheduled time. 

Press tours

Monday, June 26

12:30  Zoological Garden

Wednesday, June 28

13:00 Medical Museion 

Thursday, June 29

13:00 Niels Bohr Institute - explore the research 

Friday, June 30

09:00 The European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX IV - Full day (30€)