Citizen experience as a powerful communication tool: Open Innovation and the role of Living Labs in EU


26.06.2017 - 14:00 to 16:00


Copenhagen University Campus, Room 27.0.09, building 27


The Open Innovation 2.0 model spearheaded by the European Commission introduces conceptual changes in how innovation processes should be developed. The notion of an innovation ecosystem, and the active participation of the citizens (and all the different actors of the quadruple helix) in innovation processes, opens up new channels for scientific communication, where the citizens (and all actors) can be naturally reached and facilitate the spread of the scientific message in their communities. Unleashing the power of such mechanisms, while maintaining control over the scientific communication done through such channels presents an opportunity and a challenge at the same time.

This workshop will look into key concepts that the Open Innovation 2.0 EU model introduces, and what new opportunities for communication they bring about. Specifically, we will focus on Living Labs, as a key instrument for implementing this innovation model at the regional level, and their potential in creating scientific dissemination spaces.


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