Is 'feature' taking over the news?


28.06.2017 - 14:15 to 15:30


IT University - Auditorium 2

The current “post-fact” crisis does not seem to bypass the ever-growing pool of science news information. When closely observing the science media landscape on a smaller, regional scale, it looks like a bunch of science media that are having a hard time to survive. However, there are also some unexpected and interesting processes going on. 

In South Eastern Europe, it quite unusually seems that time-consuming feature articles are getting more attention and there are signs of audience migration from the short science news to feature stories that are published on the local science portals and in popular science magazines. 

Is this only regional or is this tendency occurring at the global market level? Could it be an answer to the growing PR-driven journalism about science? Is trust in science news undermined by quick and bombastic content and what has the “post-truth” era to do with it?

This session will discuss features as a possible way rebuild trust in science media content amidst a turbulent media economy.


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