Help me do my job


29.06.2017 - 13:00 to 14:10


IT University - Room 3A-52


Science journalists often face the same problems in their daily work life: Too little time to go in depth, discrepancy between the editor and the scientist of what will interest the audience, the balance of simplifying without dumbing down, accuracy versus sexiness and many other things.

It can be hard to conduct responsible journalism given the conditions journalists and communicators work under today.

So, why not learn from each other?

In this session, we do not have a panel. Instead we ask: What is your best advice to your colleague? In small groups, you will agree on a common problem and describe it for the audience, who will debate it and give you suggestions on how to move on. 

We guide you through this session by carefully designed Conversation Menu that allows you to find the best ideas and solutions from your fellow journalists and communicators.

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Responsible journalism