Manipulation of science in media


29.06.2017 - 09:00 to 10:30


Danish Broadcast Concert Hall


For democracy to work, the idea of objective facts is paramount. Without it, we have no way of settling arguments except by authoritarian means. And indeed, as public confidence in facts and science falls, authoritarianism is once again on the rise. What is causing this collapse of public trust in facts and science and the rise of authoritarianism and “post-truth” communication? Is there a War on Science, as one of us contends? If so, who is waging it? What is the impact of moving the public square onto the private business platforms of social media? What should science journalists do to help the public navigate this dangerous new world? 

Join Shawn Otto, creator of the US Presidential Science Debates and author of The War on Science, in discussion with Michael Galsworthy, leader of the anti-Brexit movement Scientists for EU as we explore these important topics in a rapidly changing environment.




Plenary session