Shooting Star: Easy-to-Read and how to write it


26.06.2017 - 09:00 to 11:30


Copenhagen University Campus, Room 27.0.09, building 27


Learn writing anew. Come to know a totally fresh science journalism. Practice new styles. En passant sharpen your analytical skills.

All around the world a new movement is rising, has already matured in many countries, and became a must in a lot of knowledge areas, like government publications and medicine. 

It is called Easy-To-Read, Langue Facil, Lenguaje Ciudadano, Leichte Sprache, Lätt Läst.

This session will spotlight what is outstanding about Easy-to-Read and Plain Languages. The basic skills will be demonstrated, trained, and discussed, including pros and cons.

The practical focus is on English and Spanish, but examples from German and Swedish will also be demonstrated.

Session organizer: Hanns J. Neubert