Where's the science? Challenges of science journalism in Eastern Europe


28.06.2017 - 16:00 to 17:30


IT University - Auditorium 2

Science reporters in Eastern Europe are facing a specific problem: the scarcity of local science to report on. There are few internationally relevant studies being published by scientists in most Eastern European countries, which makes it difficult to find original national or local stories. We intend to explore the situation in European Union countries, like Romania or Croatia, and also in non-EU countries, like Serbia and Montenegro. 

Another specific problem in the region is the poor development of science communication. The lack of specialized science communicators, the absence of local training opportunities for science journalists, as well as poor overall performance of the media have created a very specific and sometimes hostile job environment for local science reporters. The context makes science journalism a niche where creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance are essential job requirements. 

Which are the best ways to find stories for science reporting? How can we make international subjects or national stories appealing to a local audience? Speakers from Eastern European countries will give their own answers from experience, speaking about the obstacles they confront and solutions they came up with. The session will be extremely practice-oriented.

Aurel F. Marin (Romania): Where (research) policy fails 

Vedrana Simicevic (Croatia): The plagiarism scandals in Croatia 

Slobodan Bubnjevic (Serbia): Building science journalism in Serbia. Science for the masses in the Balkans. Elementi case study 

Maria Bolevich (Montenegro): Ecological disasters in the Balkans. Retracing the science 


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