Antárctica Glacialis


Antarctica glacialis,

old, wise, deep creature

dressed in white and night

I want to be the manager of your icebergs

keeper of nunataks

regent of your silences

accountant of auroras

auditor of penguins

and all of their questioning innocence


It is your gelum glacial ice

gelid Antarctic ice

the marriage of air and sea and cold.

Your molecules are

the glue that unites an entire


they are solid, diaphanous, turbid




Like so I love my frozen ice

I love my mint green bergs like so,

my cobalt blue glass

static tabular sailors,

a belt of white asteroids


Your brocade of crystals comes tumbling down

a victim of blue heat, cold heat;

our atmosphere of acid breath

just barely ardent breath

determined to demolish the strength of your white language!


I search for:

Needle and thread to fix your broken walls;

earphones to listen to your buried voice;

a giant bell to isolate you from the heat;

the box where you keep the ice crystals;

the hidden cables that connect to your nerves;

a blank notebook to write the teachings of your university of cold

Ángela Posada-Swafford

Science and exploration writer, lecturer, author. Knight Fellow in Science Journalist, MIT/Harvard. US Senior Correspondent, Muy Interesante magazine, the largest Spanish-language publication entirely devoted to science for the general reader in the world, edited in Madrid.

Her stories have appeared in Scientific American, National Geographic en Español; WIRED, New Scientist, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe. Lectures about science and science journalism to different audiences. Has produced documentaries for Discovery Channel Latin America/Iberia, and radio documentaries for NPR’s Living on Earth.

Twice nominated for regional Emmys in Spanish. Author of Juntos en la aventura/Bound by Adventure, an on-going series of 15-adventure and adrenaline novels for young adults, with science and exploration themes. Each plot is based on the author’s real field trips, following researchers.

A voice from the Triangulation through Science Communication project.