The Next Frontier of Climate Reporting is “Adaptation"

The Next Frontier of Climate Reporting is “Adaptation"

Adaptation stems from two concepts: that climate change is happening now and that more is being done to prevent it than to adapt to its impact. The first is supported by data, such as the constant increase of temperature registered by NASA since 1977, even if it can be traced back to the end of the XIX century. The hottest recorded decade since 1892 took place in the last 18 years, with 2016 setting a new high.

The second concept is proven daily by the policies of global governments, which are significantly more focused on mitigation, rather than adaptation. The two should not be confused: mitigation is reducing the magnitude of climate change by decreasing its causes: such as greenhouse gases like CO2, through renewables, energy efficiency and other measures.

Adaptation, on the other hand, describes how man is adjusting and will readjust its way of living to the already ongoing changes. The relevance of this concept is not to be underestimated: the production of drought-resistant food, the development of new technologies against the colossal wildfires devastating Italy, Greece, and other countries, the countermeasures for raising waters, are all matters influencing our livelihoods more than it seems. Despite this and the success of COP21, many still refuse to admit that the world is rapidly changing, and that man is fully involved in this process.

Marco Merola

Marco Merola: born in Naples on 12th of March, 1974, he became a professional journalist in 1998. Since then, he has been extensively working on science, territories and the peoples inhabiting them and has carried out several reportages for a number of international magazines (GEO, National Geographic, Focus, BBC Science, Sciences et Avenir, Muy Interesante, Illustreret Videnskab, SETTE of Il Corriere della sera and others).

Since 2013 to 2016 he has been the Communication manager of a disruptive scientific project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU on the Internet of Things (i.e.SUNRISE”) on behalf of University of Rome La Sapienza.

In 2017 Merola launched a huge journalistic project called “Adaptation”. The project is focused on the climate-change related concept and aims at describing the way humans are already adapting to climate change, either from a social or technological perspective. 

A voice from the Triangulation through Science Communication project.