Seeking a New Home for Mr. de Lesseps

Seeking a New Home for Mr. de Lesseps

On the shore of Port Said, northern east of the Nile’s delta, stands the remains of Ferdinand de Lesseps statue, the French man who built Suez Canal, as a symbol for the relationship between the Delta and the rest of the world, considering that the canal is the eastern boundary for this rich triangle.

According to Jean-Daniel Stanley, senior scientist emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and lead author of the study in the Journal of Coastal Research, the Delta could be submerged in 130 years, and 30% of it could disappear in the next 15 years, because of the rising level of Mediterranean sea.

This study shows that an area considered as the source of 60% of the Egyptian food supply and populated with half of the total Egyptian population, is liable to disappear, which will lead to an economical disaster.

The Nile delta is located in the north of Egypt, where the river branching into 2 small revers and empties the water in the Mediterranean. The sea level at this area reaches to 1 meter above the sea level, that means a tiny rise in the sea level will flood over parts of one of most densely populated areas on earth.

What makes us more pessimistic, another factor accelerating the disappearing of Delta. A study Earth magazine published showed that the subsidence rates there are four times greater than the rate of sea-level rise.

Unfortunately, the battel of global warming taking steps backwards, most recently Mr. Trump, the president of USA pulled out his country from Paris climate change deal. Letting us with a mandatory responsibility to protect the food supply of entire countries.

Ahmed Safwat

Studied medicine in Assiut University. Started working as a journalist in 2012. In the same year, he started working in Al Jazeera documentary tv channel. Started writing articles in 2013. He wrote for many newspapers in Egypt and the middle east. Has been chosen by Mostafa ِAlhosseiny Prize organization in the short list for the best 10 articles writers under 35 in the middle east. Presently, he’s working for Al Araby tv channel and studying Science Communication in Hochschule-Rhein-Waal university of applied science.

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